"Ron helped me find my new BMW.   He even helped me sell my old car.  I recommend him to alll my friends."  ---  Physician, Lakeway

"I didn't want to deal with the hassle of selling my BMW 645 convertible, but Austin Motorsports was able to sell it for me within a week.  No Hassle, No Fuss.  Highly  Recommended  ---  Stockbroker, Downtown

"I needed an Acura MDX for work, and my wife wanted a new minivan.  The guys at Austin Motorsports helped us find both new and used cars for thousands under what other dealers wanted."  --- Lawyer, Great Hills

"I want a Superchared Range Rover for a second car... and looked at the dealer.  They were able to get one for me and saved me $30,000 over new."   ---  Physician, Northwest Hills




With over 4 million vehicles sold on eBay, the possibility of expanded market areas has one true meaning for consumers = LOWER PRICES, BIGGER SAVINGS.

If an individual browses the internet for cars within the continental United States, expanding their available market, then retailers are forced to reduce prices in order to remain competitive.

This means the consumer is getting the best product at the best price!

One of Austin Motorsport's specialties is catering to consumers who take advantage of the wholesale vehicle prices which arise under just an expanded market.

We are proud to offer quality used vehicles in a competitive market!

We think the 4 million people who have purchased vehicles on eBay since the inception of eBay Motors speaks volumes for our practice!